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H.R.5142 Vaccine Injury Compensation Modernization Act of 2023

For anyone in The United States suffering from SIRVA, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Modernization Act of 2023 be a game changer, especially for those who are suffering from SIRVA from the Covid vaccine.

The Act would do the following:

  • Shift pending COVID-19 vaccine claims from the CICP to VICP.
  • Reduce case backlog by expanding the number of Special Masters (judges for the VICP) from a ceiling of 8 to a floor of 10 and by permitting Special Masters to serve for multiple terms.
  • Expedite claims processing by requiring the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Attorney General to submit a budget implementation action plan outlining the required resources to eliminate case backlog.
  • Increase transparency by requiring the Special Masters to provide an annual report on caseload, number of pending cases and whether hearings have been scheduled, how many days it took for cases to receive a judgment, how many cases received a judgment and the results, and any recommendations regarding the need for more Special Masters.
  • Provide fair compensation by increasing the cap on damages to the amount it would be today based on inflation increases and establish an inflation-based formula to automatically increase the cap moving forward.
  • Ensure consumers have sufficient time to file claims by increasing the statute of limitations from 3 years to 5 years.
  • Expedite the addition of new vaccines to the program by requiring HHS to promulgate rulemaking to add a CDC-recommended vaccine or injury to the injury table within 6 months of a recommendation rather than 2 years.
  • Expand the types of vaccines eligible for coverage under the VICP by including vaccines and injuries recommended by the CDC for routine administration in adults.

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