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MRI Findings and SIRVA

I think that getting an MRI might be the most important step in getting your SIRVA injury properly diagnosed and thereafter properly treated. Unfortunately, getting a MRI can often be a challenge due to insurance and other issues. I also believe that some physicians are a little gun shy to order MRI’s for people who are complaining of shoulder pain from a vaccination. Doctors and/or insurance companies will often require that you do physical therapy or get steroid injections before a MRI can be ordered.

As I have said before, I think the most important thing a person can ever do for themselves when they believe they have SIRVA, or any other medical issue for that matter, is to be your own advocate. If you want a MRI and think you need a MRI then you should fight to get a MRI.

The medical journal Skeletal Radiology recently published a paper entitled “Chronic stage magnetic resonance imaging findings in patients with shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA).” I will attach a link to the article below. It can be a good resource to provide your doctor to support your argument that you need a MRI.


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