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What are Ultrasound Guided Injections for SIRVA Injuries?

More and more people are getting ultrasound guided injections to help treat their SIRVA injuries. Accordingly, I felt it might be beneficial to provide a little information about what they are.

Ultrasound is an imaging method that uses sound waves to produce real-time images of the body. Ultrasound is increasingly being used by doctors treating SIRVA in performing evaluations and injections to the shoulder area. Injections can be beneficial for both the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of a variety of SIRVA injuries. Ultrasound guided injections are often used in the management of SIRVA injuries when more conservative measures such as rest, ice, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications fail to provide relief.

Ultrasound improves the accuracy of the injection of corticosteroids and can also be used in procedures involving Platelet Rich Plasma, Prolotherapy or Stem Cells. Guided injections can also be used diagnostically to help determine which structures are generating a patient’s pain. Ultrasound-guided injections allow the physician to visualize the needle in real time as it enters the body and moves to the desired location. This helps the physician place the injection in the proper location. Maybe most importantly, ultrasound guided injections can be far more accurate in getting the corticosteroid steroids into the proper location as opposed to “blind” or non-ultrasound injections. Additionally, ultrasound guided injections have been shown to be less painful than blind injections.

Ultrasound-guided injections have been extensively studied and have been found to be extremely safe. The only potential harms are those that are associated with traditional injections and the chances of being injured from an ultrasound injection are actually lower than the odds of being injured by a “blind” injection.

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